Benjamin Turbo Aire 3000 PSI Hand Pump

Crosman are introducing a new hand pump for PCP rifles.

The Benjamin Turbo Aire has been designed to reduce the overall effort of pumping (by up to 39%) and to make each pump stroke is more uniform. 

Current pump technologies require considerable force at the end, or peak portion of each pump stroke. The lever system of the Turbo Aire reduces the peak force to less than 100 pounds over the entire pressure range of the pump, allowing even small framed shooters to operate this pump to 3,000 psi. Some pumps require 220 pounds of peak force to operate, well beyond the physical capability of many shooters. 

Also, Crosman claim that the longevity and reliability of the pump is improved by reducing the number of moving O-rings from 14 (found in some competitive pumps) to just five in the Turbo Aire.

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