Crosman GI Model 1911BBb CO2 Pistol

The 1911 is a very popular model for replica makers with Cybergun’s Tanfoglio Witness enjoying huge success over the last couple of years. It continues to do well in its new incarnation as the Swiss Arms P1911.

This popularity of the WW2 era version of this pistol may have been the inspiration behind Crosman’s new range of three 1911 models (which we first reported back in June 2013 … [link]).

Without question, the most interesting of the three is the full metal GI Model. This has blowback action and full (mostly) metal construction. It’s claimed power output is 450 fps. I don’t think the grip safety functions and there is a push safety above the trigger guard rather than a thumb safety. Also, the stick magazine is not full-size like it is on the Witness.

The Crosman GI Model 1911BBb was released in the US in July and has now reached the UK also.


  • - Weight: 1.8750
  • - Length: 8.625
  • - Mechanism: Blowback
  • - Power Source:CO2
  • - Caliber: 4.5mm / BB
  • - Ammunition: BBs
  • - BB Reservoir: 20
  • - Barrel: Smooth
  • - Front Sight: Fixed Blade
  • - Rear Sight: Fixed Notch
  • - Safety: Lever
  • - Color: Black

The 1911BBb is available in the UK from and other airgun retailers.


American Airgunner Episode Eleven 2013

Here is the eleventh episode of the American Airgunner 2013 season, hosted by Rossi Morreale.

The first segment focuses on hunting in the Florida Everglades with Shawn Meiman, the second on the CQB City training facility in Stockton, the third is a visit to Arnsberg in Germany to see the Umarex factory and the Walther LGV. The final segment is the American Airgunner Challenge (featuring the Umarex Walther CP88 Competition model).


Umarex XBG and Umarex TDP 45 BB CO2 pistols

Mike Kay at does a side by side tabletop review of two entry-level BB pistols from Umarex. The Umarex XBG and Umarex TDP 45 are both generic semi-automatic designs, influenced by a variety of real steel firearms. They are essentially the same gun in terms of internals, just with different skins. As usual, Mike covers all of the main points accurately and talks about doing a field test review in the future.

I’ve owned an XBG myself and found it to offer good value for money, with good power and excellent CO2 performance (shots per bulb). The moving barrel design that delivers this performance is also one of the drawbacks though as it makes for a moderately heavy trigger pull. Combined with the fixed sights this can adversely affect accuracy.

I also found this pistol to be too lightweight for my liking. But like anything these days, you get what you pay for.

You can read the full companion article … [here].


American Airgunner Episode Ten 2013

Here is the tenth episode of the American Airgunner 2013 season, hosted by Rossi Morreale.

The first segment focuses on the Pacific Airgun Expo, the second is a round table discussion about airgun ammunition, the third is a review of the new Umarex Fusion air rifle and the last segment is the American Airgunner Challenge (featuring the Evanix AR6 PCP multi-shot pistol).


Airgun Reporter | Umarex Legends P08

In this episode of Airgun Reporter, Paul Capello reviews the Umarex Legends P08, better known as the “Luger”. Umarex can’t actually call this replica a “Luger” as the licence is owned by Stoeger. P08 was the military designation used by the German army.

Paul seems generally positive towards this diecast BB replica, though he acknowledges the heavy trigger pull. 

I had one of these myself but parted with it as the lack of blowback and the non-functioning toggle/slide was too much of a compromise in terms of authenticity. Additionally, I found the heavy trigger pull definitely affected accuracy.

One thing which does impress about this pistol is the high number of shots you can get from a 12g CO2 bulb. The moving barrel design makes for a heavy trigger pull but is very efficient with CO2, making it possible to get an impressive 160 shots..

Paul ages this pistol in his video really nicely but if you want to see a much easier and less time intensive technique then check out Mike Kay’s approach over at … [here].


Airgun Reporter | BSA Scorpion 1200 SE .22

In this episode of Airgun Reporter, Paul Capello reviews the BSA Scorpion 1200 SE ten-shot PCP air rifle.

On the whole, he rates the Scorpion highly, praising its build quality, accuracy, and the smooth bolt-action and indexing. He balances that with comments that the rifle isn’t especially good looking, is quite loud and doesn’t have any mechanism to prevent you from loading multiple pellets into the breech (if you are not paying attention).



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American Airgunner Episode Nine 2013

Here is the ninth episode of the American Airgunner 2013 season, hosted by Rossi Morreale.

The first segment focuses on Tim Smith of Airgun Hobbyist magazine and some of his customised airguns, the second is a hunting segment with Steve Criner, the third is on airsoft with Elite Force and the final segment is the Airgunner Challenge, featuring three Umarex airguns, the Steel Force, TAC converter and the Morph 3x.


American Airgunner Episode Eight 2013

Here is the eigth episode of the American Airgunner 2013 season, hosted by Rossi Morreale.

The episode includes a visit to the Umarex HQ in Arnsberg, Germany, and covers the history of Umarex along with a tour of their showroom and some news on their expansion plans.


American Airgunner Episode Seven 2013

Here is the seventh episode of the American Airgunner 2013 season, hosted by Rossi Morreale.

The first segment focuses on bird hunting with Steve Criner, the second on the AIr Arms S510 FAC, the third on an interesting custom airgun, the dual-piston recoilless JW75 (from John Whiscombe in the UK) and the final segment is the Airgunner Challenge.


Weihrauch HW40 PCA | Airgun Shooter Magazine

Airgun Shooter magazine have released an article about the Weihrauch HW40 PCA single stroke pneumatic pistol. It starts off asking the question can spending over £100 give you a better return on your investment in terms of quality. And then moves into discussing the HW40, which retails for around £133 in the UK.

I have one of these pistols myself and I rate it highly. The trigger is especially praiseworthy and I also like the automatic safety feature. It’s only half the price of the HW75 and some will prefer the more modern tactical styling in high-quality polymer.

You can read the full article … [here].


Technique for ageing a vintage replica

Mike from has posted up an interesting video on how to make a new gun look old and worn using a DIY magic-eraser. 

I think it looks really authentic and it’s certainly easy enough to do. The Umarex Legends P08 is a perfect candidate for this kind of effect as the new paint finish looks too clean and the high spots start to wear fairly easily anyway. 

You can read the full companion article … [here].


Airgun Reporter | Air Arms Pro Sport

In this episode of Airgun Reporter, Paul Capello reviews the Air Arms Pro Sport under-lever spring-piston air rifle.

Paul seems completely enamoured with the Pro Sport and can’t say enough good things about it. His only minor gripes are getting used to the hidden cocking lever and he also suggests that pellet loading can be a little tricky if you have large hands.


Gamo MP9 Blowback Tactical Airgun (.177/4.5 mm)

Earlier this week, Gamo USA released the MP9 Blowback Tactical Airgun. This is a semi-automatic replica of the Brügger & Thomet MP9 machine pistol, which itself was a development of the Steyr TMP design.

The Gamo MP9 weighs 3 lbs (1.36 kilos) which is close to the real steel version and its 12” (30.48 cm) in length with the stock folded and 21” (53.34 cm) with the stock fully extended. The construction appears to be mostly polymer with metal internals..

The first shot can be made in single action or double action, though the trigger pull is only slightly lighter in single action at 9.24 lbs than in double action at 9.46 lbs. This is because the trigger pull also cycles the magazine. It’s a similar design to that found in the P-25/PT-85 pistols. The magazine stick has two 8-shot rotary magazines (one at each end) and can shoot BBs or pellets. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to re-use existing magazines as the MP9 version is longer than the P-25/PT-85.

It’s possible to fire all 16 shots in just 2.4 seconds and a 12g CO2 cartridge a capacity of 80 shots. The claimed maximum velocity from the rifled barrel is 450 fps but this is with the light PBA platinum ammo. The rear sights are adjustable for windage and there is a manual safety.

The MP9 has plenty of space for tactical accessories with a large picatinny rail along the top and a smaller one at the front, ideal for a foregrip, though this doesn’t appear to be included as standard. 

I’ve seen the Gamo MP9 shown with B&T branding in the marketing information but this doesn’t appear to be carried over to the replica itself, which is a shame. The fully automatic 6mm gas blowback version from KWA (marketed by ASG) does carry full branding and it also has an integrated foregrip. It’s likely that KWA also manufacture the Gamo version but there are quite a few differences between the two designs.

The Gamo MP9 is now available in the USA as well as some European countries but not yet in the UK.


Action Sport Games | Manufacturing moving to Denmark

ASG recently gave an interview to magazine and have posted up a .pdf version of the published article on their web site.

The article is entitled ‘Inside ASG’ and, amongst other things, it talks about several new models. But most interesting of all is the revelation that ASG plan to bring the manufacturing of new guns such as the pellet shooting CZ 75 P-09 Duty to Denmark!

Traditionally, they have used manufacturing partners such as Wingun from Taiwan but they believe they can be price competitive by using automated production lines.

It will be interesting to see what other new models are made in Denmark as this could be great news in respect of faster availability and possibly even spare parts. I suspect they will continue to use their partners from the Far East for existing products such as the Dan Wesson. But this is certainly a development I will be watching with great interest.

You can read the full article … [here].